7 Things Make Sure That You Are Tech-Savvy

Things Make Sure That You Are Tech-SavvyAs technology advances its reach into every nook and corner of our lives, it starts playing an important role in shaping not just our activities but our behavior as well. This is why it becomes essential to develop traits that get you to engage well with tech stuff. You can call them traits of the “tech-savvy”. But are you a tech-savvy person? What kind of things can indicate whether or not a person is tech-savvy?

7 Traits of a Tech-savvy Person

Trait #1: You don’t just use tech, you play with it

If booking a ride with Uber or uploading a snap on Instagram just take you more than a blink of an eye, you’re there already! With practice comes speed, and it almost becomes playful for you to do things which otherwise take someone a lot of time if they are not familiar with it.

Trait #2: You have a bunch of electronic gadgets you can’t live without

Things Make Sure That You Are Tech-SavvyDo you find it tough to imagine a day in the world without your laptop, mobile, and iPad? Chances are you are tech-savvy. You gain exceptional control over your favorite gadgets and even apps if you make it a habit of using them often. Tech goes from being something that you use for your daily life, rather it’s all about your life.

Trait #3: You are curious and willing to learn new tech stuff

It’s just not possible for someone to be really tech-savvy without having any level of interest in learning more about new tech that keeps popping up around every now and often. Curiosity is the fuel for learning. As tech changes fast in the high pace 21st century, you won’t be tech-savvy in a few months from now if you don’t keep up with the pace. It’s that simple!

Trait #4: You have a lot of patience with tech

Ever seen someone getting frustrated over that wrong picture upload? They are disappointed with tech because they are not tech-savvy. To become good at a piece of tech (say, a gadget, for example) it takes some degree of patience to master it. Initially, there’s a lot of learning curve with everything, but if you don’t have what it takes to try out things and options tirelessly without giving up, you might not be the one!

Trait #5: You utilize tech to its full extent

Things Make Sure That You Are Tech-SavvyWhen you use your favorite gadgets all day long, it becomes easy for you to figure out their true potential and get things done. This is like training your brain to understand the technology behind the gadget really well. You get more things done with the same set of tools as compared to the average joe. That’s called master over tech!

Trait #6: You hate wasting time

You are so comfortable using them that you don’t even need to look at where’s that button you want to tap. By becoming a pro at your piece of tech, you are saving time all the time. Did we tell you were tech-savvy?

Trait #7: You love simplifying things

A real tech-savvy person looks for shortcuts and easiest ways out. Talk about problem-solving skills! If you love using tech to simplify your life and daily activities, and it’s something that comes naturally to you all the time, you’ve got those traits in you!

Final Thoughts

Now that you understand what traits distinguish tech-savvy from the no-so-tech-savvy people, take a pick: do you want to avoid diving into tech and want someone to do it for you, or would you take some time out every day and become more familiar with tech so you can actually call yourself “tech-savvy.” The choice is yours in the end!