Reasons Behind the Explosions In Samsung Mobile

Reasons Behind the Explosions In Samsung MobileSamsung is one of the leading smartphone device producers in the world. The company that has been at the forefront of producing televisions, DVD players, laptops and other electronics for years, has seen itself grow exponentially with its Galaxy smartphone range. Since the launch of the first Galaxy mobile phone in 2009, the company has expanded the Galaxy range and variety to satisfy several different types of users. The line has included, the S series, A series, J series, Note series and much more.


Reasons Behind the Explosions In Samsung MobileApart from their flagship line of Galaxy S series, the Note series has also attracted massive attention from the public. Note 1, 2, 3, 3 Neo, 4, 5, Edge and 7, all these have been greatly anticipated and well received the by the fans. Recently on the 2nd of Aug 2016, the company launched its best Galaxy Note to date called the Note 7.

The phone became an instant hit and millions of pieces were sold worldwide. But, after the initial launch, the mobile phone started to incur various issues. Its biggest issue was the explosion and subsequent catching of fire by the phone when placed on charging. The incident was first reported in the US but with time, similar issues were faced by users from all around the world.


Reasons Behind the Explosions In Samsung MobileAfter the news of the problem went viral, Samsung publicly issued an apology and asked the Note 7 owners to get their phones replaced with a new Note 7. Even when the new production had similar problems, Samsung was forced to recall the range of Note 7s from all around the world. Moreover, the company immediately started an investigation into the matter and discovered a battery cell issue in its lithium ion battery that was causing the phones to explode and catch fire. Though faulty battery issues are common in the world of mobile phones, battery cell issues are very rare.

After extensive research, the engineers at Samsung discovered that an increase in heat to the battery has caused the problem all along. Whether the heat was transferred through charging, hot weather or even from another part of the mobile phone, the battery cell responded adversely to it. As the liquid swimming inside the lithium ion battery is highly inflammable, the excessively transferred heat resulted in the battery exploding and subsequently damaging the entire phone.


On a profound note, Samsung found out that the thin layer of the sheet that separates the positive side of the battery with the negative side was the first to be affected when the phone was put on charging. The heating made the battery short circuit and therefore resulted in the thin layer of a sheet of the battery getting damaged. When the layer was damaged, the electricity flow of charging got interrupted. In the end, all this process made the high inflammable part of the lithium ion battery ignite and explode.


The company is pointing the fault to be a rare manufacturing mishap and has claimed that only 0.1% of the total phone sold were affected by this issue. But, as things stand, Samsung has decided to recall an entire lot of Note 7 phones. As for the users, the company is giving an extra $100 to every user that want to return Note 7 and buy a new one.

Published: October 29, 2016

Top 10 Nations That Use Technologies The Most

A technologically upgraded country would be able of conquering almost anything, be it peaceful relations with other provinces and as worse as starting a war. Here is a list of the top 10 nations that use technologies the most, which remain invincible from other various nation struggling to be technologically entrusted.

1. Japan

Top 10 Nations That Use Technologies The MostJapan is considered to be the premium nation in the field of technology because this is one province which exclusively comes up with some form of technological invention every now and then. Thus Japan is the place with the finest technology, along with enhancing their scientific arena.

2. Finland

Top 10 Nations That Use Technologies The MostFinland is the place which tops almost every segment such as health, education, politics, economy and definition of living. This has all been eventually made probable due to their high technology assignment which is objected to making this nation the best and the most advanced country.

3. The United States of America

Top 10 Nations That Use Technologies The MostThe residence to few of the finest global firms such as Google, Intel, Dell, and more, United States of America is one of the quickest developing technological nations on the planet. This place is recognized to possess the finest and most enhanced intelligence system in the world.

4. South Korea

Top 10 Nations That Use Technologies The MostSouth Korea is another nation which has done excellently well in the region of technology. We are discussing the country which has provided the planet the air conditioners, robots and has few of the finest made trains, cars, and planes.

5. Germany

Top 10 Nations That Use Technologies The MostGermany has been the nation recognized for producing few of the best military and army tanks. Germany today is the most upgraded technological nation on the planet because of its immense capability to expand their scientific arenas.

6. China

Top 10 Nations That Use Technologies The MostAs this nation has been running its way to becoming the global force on the planet, China is eventually subjected to the development of the compass and gunpowder, which are one of the most crucial needs for technology today. China has established the field in technology and their scope to expand and increase more.

7. Canada

Top 10 Nations That Use Technologies The MostPeople of Canada have been in the field of technology since a long period now, thus making them one of the nations with the advanced technology on the planet. Canada has some highly trained population when it comes to science and technology.

8. United Kingdom

Top 10 Nations That Use Technologies The MostThe United Kingdom arrives in the list of the most upgraded technological nations on the planet as they are one of the finest and largest manufacturers of scientific paper. Their knowledge in these places has exclusively made them possess few of the finest technologies in the planet.

9. Philippines

Top 10 Nations That Use Technologies The MostThe Philippines is one such place which has been abstracting inputs from various other countries in regards to attaining the most advanced technology on the planet. This province keeps its actions in technology under covers as the government has been cautious about the national security.

10. Russia

Top 10 Nations That Use Technologies The MostRussia has been preparing some dangerous weapons which could wipe out any other nation within a blink. Apart from developing the space technology, Russia has been making a number of attempts to enhance their weapons and machinery industry.

Published: July 30, 2015

Cool Things to Know About Portable Air Conditioner Usage

Cool Things to Know About Portable Air Conditioner UsageOwning a portable air conditioner is more of a necessity; it’s all you need to keep your adjacent environment in the favorable of conditions anywhere, anytime. An effective air conditioner will provide adequate ventilation; remove excessive humidity while keeping the temperatures at favorable ranges. Proper care and maintenance of your portable air conditioner should be made a priority for higher efficiency.

How Does It Works?

If you have a portable air conditioner in your home or planning to purchase one, but you know less of its functioning; worry less, we’ve got your back. Read on and get know the working principle behind this reliable machine.

An air conditioner cools your immediate surrounding by pulling heat out the air; a set of cold evaporator coils cools the incoming stream of air with the help of a refrigerant found inside the coils. This special fluid changes dynamically from liquid to gas depending on the amount of heat it absorbs.

Your portable air conditioner has been designed to support a certain amount of airflow through the coils with a fixed amount of refrigerant. A typical air conditioner will work exceptionally well when this two are well maintained and a little shift in the system; such as leakage of the refrigerant may lead to inconveniences.

Cools and Dehumidify

Cool Things to Know About Portable Air Conditioner UsageA portable air conditioner will not only keep your room fresh and cool but also dehumidify it. Excessive humidity in your home is more of a nuisance. Apart from discomfort due to the high temperatures and sweating, it has more serious effects on your health.

The humid environment provides the best breeding grounds for microscopic organisms such as mold spores, mildew, and other highly toxic Bactria. Such organism will grow on the walls and other hidden or dark parts in your home. You don’t need to get sick to realize the dangers of excessive humidity; prevention is better than cure! Make an effort and resolve to utilize this air conditioner.

If you are allergic to any weather condition, such as asthma and respiratory disorders; owning a functional air conditioner is one the remedies. Dust mites, for example, love humid conditions and this leads to poorer health. Save yourself the hassle and get this portable air conditioner to serve the purpose of a dehumidifier.


Proper handling of your portable air conditioner will boost the longevity and efficiency in the course of service. Particles and dust should be filtered before the stream of air are fed into the system. Filters are one of the important parts that keep your system clean. With time, they get loaded with particles hence the need to replace them.

Most of the routine maintenance can easily be handled with little or no skills, but some of the repair services need professionals. Changing the refrigerant and conducting a keen check up for any leakages should be done on a regular basis.

The thermostat shouldn’t be in the  fan on’ position while dehumidifying your room. This will cause the system to blow back air with the same moisture content. When you need to get rid of excessive moisture in your room, especially when bathing, cooking or washing; use exhaust fans. A portable air conditioner is one of the most reliable and affordable home appliances you can’t afford to miss in your household.

Published: July 3, 2015

7 Things Make Sure That You Are Tech-Savvy

Things Make Sure That You Are Tech-SavvyAs technology advances its reach into every nook and corner of our lives, it starts playing an important role in shaping not just our activities but our behavior as well. This is why it becomes essential to develop traits that get you to engage well with tech stuff. You can call them traits of the “tech-savvy”. But are you a tech-savvy person? What kind of things can indicate whether or not a person is tech-savvy?

7 Traits of a Tech-savvy Person

Trait #1: You don’t just use tech, you play with it

If booking a ride with Uber or uploading a snap on Instagram just take you more than a blink of an eye, you’re there already! With practice comes speed, and it almost becomes playful for you to do things which otherwise take someone a lot of time if they are not familiar with it.

Trait #2: You have a bunch of electronic gadgets you can’t live without

Things Make Sure That You Are Tech-SavvyDo you find it tough to imagine a day in the world without your laptop, mobile, and iPad? Chances are you are tech-savvy. You gain exceptional control over your favorite gadgets and even apps if you make it a habit of using them often. Tech goes from being something that you use for your daily life, rather it’s all about your life.

Trait #3: You are curious and willing to learn new tech stuff

It’s just not possible for someone to be really tech-savvy without having any level of interest in learning more about new tech that keeps popping up around every now and often. Curiosity is the fuel for learning. As tech changes fast in the high pace 21st century, you won’t be tech-savvy in a few months from now if you don’t keep up with the pace. It’s that simple!

Trait #4: You have a lot of patience with tech

Ever seen someone getting frustrated over that wrong picture upload? They are disappointed with tech because they are not tech-savvy. To become good at a piece of tech (say, a gadget, for example) it takes some degree of patience to master it. Initially, there’s a lot of learning curve with everything, but if you don’t have what it takes to try out things and options tirelessly without giving up, you might not be the one!

Trait #5: You utilize tech to its full extent

Things Make Sure That You Are Tech-SavvyWhen you use your favorite gadgets all day long, it becomes easy for you to figure out their true potential and get things done. This is like training your brain to understand the technology behind the gadget really well. You get more things done with the same set of tools as compared to the average joe. That’s called master over tech!

Trait #6: You hate wasting time

You are so comfortable using them that you don’t even need to look at where’s that button you want to tap. By becoming a pro at your piece of tech, you are saving time all the time. Did we tell you were tech-savvy?

Trait #7: You love simplifying things

A real tech-savvy person looks for shortcuts and easiest ways out. Talk about problem-solving skills! If you love using tech to simplify your life and daily activities, and it’s something that comes naturally to you all the time, you’ve got those traits in you!

Final Thoughts

Now that you understand what traits distinguish tech-savvy from the no-so-tech-savvy people, take a pick: do you want to avoid diving into tech and want someone to do it for you, or would you take some time out every day and become more familiar with tech so you can actually call yourself “tech-savvy.” The choice is yours in the end!

Published: April 21, 2015

Why Has Water Softener Been An Important Appliance?

Why Has Water Softener Been An Important ApplianceIf you have you used untreated borehole or tap water at any point in your life for washing your clothes, utensils or bathing, then you might have noticed brown or whitish deposits on the surfaces of your linen, sink or bathroom after drying up. Additionally, if you have tried to open your tap or water pipes, you might have seen scales of white or brown deposits that form over time as water flows through the pipes.

These brown or whitish scales are formed due to deposition of minerals such as calcium and magnesium that are contained in untreated water called hard water. Today, most water companies in the US are investing in state of the art water treatment process to soften hard water. This article focuses on why water softening has been an essential appliance today. Read on to understand the advantages of water softening and how it works.

What is Soft Water?

Why Has Water Softener Been An Important ApplianceSoft water refers to water in which minerals such as calcium and magnesium have been removed and replaced with softer minerals like potassium and sodium. While there are many water softening techniques including the use of chemicals and boiling, the most attractive technology nowadays is a water softener.

What is a water softener?

A water softener is typically a machine that is fixed into your property`s water supply source. In most cases, water softeners remove calcium and magnesium from the water and replace them with softer ones like sodium or potassium via a process known as ion exchange.

Advantages of using a water softener

Why Has Water Softener Been An Important ApplianceEradicates blockages and corrosion, water softeners can help you to eradicate the formation of hard scales and crusts which may block your pipes, sinks, and even taps. They also help to eliminate the formation of films and corrosion on your bathroom walls and appliances.

Soap scum can deteriorate water devices, increasing their cost of maintenance. Softened water does not cause the destruction of water appliances so you will spend little on their maintenance.

Reduce wastage of soap, unlike hard water, softened water does not contain calcium and magnesium minerals which hinder the formation of foam, hampering the actual washing process.

Reduces destruction of fabric, when calcium and magnesium minerals which are contained in hard water react with soap, they foam soap scum which deposits on your clothes, lowering the quality of the linen. On the other hand, water softeners remove these minerals from water, hence easing the washing process.

They are efficient and convenient, water softeners can be linked directly to the water source, allowing you to treat the water as it comes from the source. Some water softeners have an automatic regenerating system which has an electric timer. The timer allows the system to flush and recharge on a regular timeline. These controls ensure that the softener works throughout so you can collect soft water from the source at any given time.

It is important to note that conventional water softening techniques such as boiling and water conditioning can be ineffective for treating vast volumes of water, unlike water softeners. Boiling consumes more power and electricity; thus it is relatively expensive.

On the other hand, water conditioning does not necessary guarantee water softening as it is often thought. According to the US water quality testing association, no testing standard has been done to ascertain that water conditioners can soften water, unlike water softeners which have been tested, and shown to remove magnesium, calcium, and iron from hard water.

A water softener is convenient and helpful for everyone. It eliminates soap wastage, eradicates clogging of pipes, improves washing and reduces corrosion of utensils and fabric.

Published: March 2, 2015

Inspiring Facts About Metal Detector Invention

Inspiring Facts About Metal Detector InventionElectricity and magnetism have always been associated with each other. Most people have already tried creating a DIY electromagnet contraption by simply wrapping wire around a nail and directly connecting it to a battery. In our every day lives, we make use of this ideology on a daily basis. Each time you use an electric appliance, you are making use of the connection between magnetism and electricity.

Electricity is produced from power plants or wind turbines and is generated from a generator. All electrical appliances contain electric motors which work the opposite way as generators do. Once the electricity flows, it begins to generate a magnetic field and causes the motor to spin.

Magnetism can be used to create electricity and vice versa. James Clerk Maxwell is a Scottish physicist who first discovered the connection between magnetism and electricity which we now know as electromagnetism. Today, we’ll discuss about Inspiring Facts About Metal Detector Invention.


All metal detectors have a built in coil of wire which more popularly known as the transmitter coil. When electricity passes through it, it begins to create a magnetic field. Once the metal detector is swept over the ground, the magnetic field moves with it. If you hover a metal detector over a metal object, its magnetic field will affect the object’s atoms. All metal detectors also have a receiver coil which is directly connected to a speaker that has a loudspeaker. As the metal detectors comes into contact with a metal object, it results in a loud beeping noise. The closer the metal detector is with the object, the louder beeping noise it will produce.


Inspiring Facts About Metal Detector InventionIt is believed that metal detectors came about when US President James Garfield was shot by a bullet on July 1881. One of the bullets cannot seemed to be found inside the President’s body. Alexander Graham Bell who pioneered the invention of telephones was quick to create an electromagnetic device which is called an induction balance.

The bullet wasn’t found which caused the President’s death. Even though Bell’s invention worked correctly, his attempt was unsuccessful because of the the metal coil spring bed where the President was laying in. It is believed to be the reason why the metal detector failed. This was the day when the first electromagnetic metal detector was invented.


Inspiring Facts About Metal Detector InventionGerhard Fischer is a German electronics engineer who first invented portable metal detectors. He created the device while he was in the United States and his idea was put to the test on January 1933. He named his invention the Metalloscope he described as the method of indicating buried metals on the ground such as pipes, ores, etc. It was in the same year that he founded the Fischer Research Laboratory. Until this day, the Fisher Research Laboratory remains to be a leading manufacturer of quality metal detectors.

The founder of Garrett Electronics, Dr. Charles L. Garret, pioneered modern metal detectors during the early 1970s. He worked with NASA during the Apollo landing program. After his contributions to the team, Garrett decided to focus on his personal hobbies which included amateur treasure hunting. Garrett Electronics revolutionized metal detectors with their continuous and highly successful innovations.

Published: December 13, 2014