Cool Things to Know About Portable Air Conditioner Usage

Cool Things to Know About Portable Air Conditioner UsageOwning a portable air conditioner is more of a necessity; it’s all you need to keep your adjacent environment in the favorable of conditions anywhere, anytime. An effective air conditioner will provide adequate ventilation; remove excessive humidity while keeping the temperatures at favorable ranges. Proper care and maintenance of your portable air conditioner should be made a priority for higher efficiency.

How Does It Works?

If you have a portable air conditioner in your home or planning to purchase one, but you know less of its functioning; worry less, we’ve got your back. Read on and get know the working principle behind this reliable machine.

An air conditioner cools your immediate surrounding by pulling heat out the air; a set of cold evaporator coils cools the incoming stream of air with the help of a refrigerant found inside the coils. This special fluid changes dynamically from liquid to gas depending on the amount of heat it absorbs.

Your portable air conditioner has been designed to support a certain amount of airflow through the coils with a fixed amount of refrigerant. A typical air conditioner will work exceptionally well when this two are well maintained and a little shift in the system; such as leakage of the refrigerant may lead to inconveniences.

Cools and Dehumidify

Cool Things to Know About Portable Air Conditioner UsageA portable air conditioner will not only keep your room fresh and cool but also dehumidify it. Excessive humidity in your home is more of a nuisance. Apart from discomfort due to the high temperatures and sweating, it has more serious effects on your health.

The humid environment provides the best breeding grounds for microscopic organisms such as mold spores, mildew, and other highly toxic Bactria. Such organism will grow on the walls and other hidden or dark parts in your home. You don’t need to get sick to realize the dangers of excessive humidity; prevention is better than cure! Make an effort and resolve to utilize this air conditioner.

If you are allergic to any weather condition, such as asthma and respiratory disorders; owning a functional air conditioner is one the remedies. Dust mites, for example, love humid conditions and this leads to poorer health. Save yourself the hassle and get this portable air conditioner to serve the purpose of a dehumidifier.


Proper handling of your portable air conditioner will boost the longevity and efficiency in the course of service. Particles and dust should be filtered before the stream of air are fed into the system. Filters are one of the important parts that keep your system clean. With time, they get loaded with particles hence the need to replace them.

Most of the routine maintenance can easily be handled with little or no skills, but some of the repair services need professionals. Changing the refrigerant and conducting a keen check up for any leakages should be done on a regular basis.

The thermostat shouldn’t be in the  fan on’ position while dehumidifying your room. This will cause the system to blow back air with the same moisture content. When you need to get rid of excessive moisture in your room, especially when bathing, cooking or washing; use exhaust fans. A portable air conditioner is one of the most reliable and affordable home appliances you can’t afford to miss in your household.