Inspiring Facts About Metal Detector Invention

Inspiring Facts About Metal Detector InventionElectricity and magnetism have always been associated with each other. Most people have already tried creating a DIY electromagnet contraption by simply wrapping wire around a nail and directly connecting it to a battery. In our every day lives, we make use of this ideology on a daily basis. Each time you use an electric appliance, you are making use of the connection between magnetism and electricity.

Electricity is produced from power plants or wind turbines and is generated from a generator. All electrical appliances contain electric motors which work the opposite way as generators do. Once the electricity flows, it begins to generate a magnetic field and causes the motor to spin.

Magnetism can be used to create electricity and vice versa. James Clerk Maxwell is a Scottish physicist who first discovered the connection between magnetism and electricity which we now know as electromagnetism. Today, we’ll discuss about Inspiring Facts About Metal Detector Invention.


All metal detectors have a built in coil of wire which more popularly known as the transmitter coil. When electricity passes through it, it begins to create a magnetic field. Once the metal detector is swept over the ground, the magnetic field moves with it. If you hover a metal detector over a metal object, its magnetic field will affect the object’s atoms. All metal detectors also have a receiver coil which is directly connected to a speaker that has a loudspeaker. As the metal detectors comes into contact with a metal object, it results in a loud beeping noise. The closer the metal detector is with the object, the louder beeping noise it will produce.


Inspiring Facts About Metal Detector InventionIt is believed that metal detectors came about when US President James Garfield was shot by a bullet on July 1881. One of the bullets cannot seemed to be found inside the President’s body. Alexander Graham Bell who pioneered the invention of telephones was quick to create an electromagnetic device which is called an induction balance.

The bullet wasn’t found which caused the President’s death. Even though Bell’s invention worked correctly, his attempt was unsuccessful because of the the metal coil spring bed where the President was laying in. It is believed to be the reason why the metal detector failed. This was the day when the first electromagnetic metal detector was invented.


Inspiring Facts About Metal Detector InventionGerhard Fischer is a German electronics engineer who first invented portable metal detectors. He created the device while he was in the United States and his idea was put to the test on January 1933. He named his invention the Metalloscope he described as the method of indicating buried metals on the ground such as pipes, ores, etc. It was in the same year that he founded the Fischer Research Laboratory. Until this day, the Fisher Research Laboratory remains to be a leading manufacturer of quality metal detectors.

The founder of Garrett Electronics, Dr. Charles L. Garret, pioneered modern metal detectors during the early 1970s. He worked with NASA during the Apollo landing program. After his contributions to the team, Garrett decided to focus on his personal hobbies which included amateur treasure hunting. Garrett Electronics revolutionized metal detectors with their continuous and highly successful innovations.