Reasons Behind the Explosions In Samsung Mobile

Reasons Behind the Explosions In Samsung MobileSamsung is one of the leading smartphone device producers in the world. The company that has been at the forefront of producing televisions, DVD players, laptops and other electronics for years, has seen itself grow exponentially with its Galaxy smartphone range. Since the launch of the first Galaxy mobile phone in 2009, the company has expanded the Galaxy range and variety to satisfy several different types of users. The line has included, the S series, A series, J series, Note series and much more.


Reasons Behind the Explosions In Samsung MobileApart from their flagship line of Galaxy S series, the Note series has also attracted massive attention from the public. Note 1, 2, 3, 3 Neo, 4, 5, Edge and 7, all these have been greatly anticipated and well received the by the fans. Recently on the 2nd of Aug 2016, the company launched its best Galaxy Note to date called the Note 7.

The phone became an instant hit and millions of pieces were sold worldwide. But, after the initial launch, the mobile phone started to incur various issues. Its biggest issue was the explosion and subsequent catching of fire by the phone when placed on charging. The incident was first reported in the US but with time, similar issues were faced by users from all around the world.


Reasons Behind the Explosions In Samsung MobileAfter the news of the problem went viral, Samsung publicly issued an apology and asked the Note 7 owners to get their phones replaced with a new Note 7. Even when the new production had similar problems, Samsung was forced to recall the range of Note 7s from all around the world. Moreover, the company immediately started an investigation into the matter and discovered a battery cell issue in its lithium ion battery that was causing the phones to explode and catch fire. Though faulty battery issues are common in the world of mobile phones, battery cell issues are very rare.

After extensive research, the engineers at Samsung discovered that an increase in heat to the battery has caused the problem all along. Whether the heat was transferred through charging, hot weather or even from another part of the mobile phone, the battery cell responded adversely to it. As the liquid swimming inside the lithium ion battery is highly inflammable, the excessively transferred heat resulted in the battery exploding and subsequently damaging the entire phone.


On a profound note, Samsung found out that the thin layer of the sheet that separates the positive side of the battery with the negative side was the first to be affected when the phone was put on charging. The heating made the battery short circuit and therefore resulted in the thin layer of a sheet of the battery getting damaged. When the layer was damaged, the electricity flow of charging got interrupted. In the end, all this process made the high inflammable part of the lithium ion battery ignite and explode.


The company is pointing the fault to be a rare manufacturing mishap and has claimed that only 0.1% of the total phone sold were affected by this issue. But, as things stand, Samsung has decided to recall an entire lot of Note 7 phones. As for the users, the company is giving an extra $100 to every user that want to return Note 7 and buy a new one.